September Goals

Friday, 1 September 2017

The back to school-style excitement of September still plays merry havoc in my year, in one of the loveliest ways possible. It invites change and challenge into my life; re-discovers determination and motivation; and invokes a certain something not entirely unlike a new start. Add to that the new turn of a calendar month, one that has a nice round number for days, and you've got yourself the perfect blank page on which to make yourself a list of goals. At least I have anyway! So, what do I hope to plough through this September?

● Renew passport;
This is getting ridiculous. My passport expired in March and it remains useless. I have had a snazzy new passport case with the money tucked inside for the renewal since my 30th birthday and I still haven't sorted out a sodding up-to-date passport photo. It just doesn't align with the wanderlusty vagabond in me, and so, this month, the application must go!

● Absolutely no takeaways;
I'm on a big money-saving bender this month, which is hilarious really, seeing as I have just made a list of 'things already committed to in September' and it contains no less than 3 city visits all across the country! As well as an anniversary, a night out, birthdays and a leaving meal. It shouldn't bode well - but I remain confident that it absolutely will. One thing I am thoroughly good at is having a champagne time on lemonade money, and this will apply across the entire month - citybreaks and all! A rule a couple of us in my house have enforced is 'no takeaway September', after a particularly lavish and lazy August.

● Make major novel writing progress;
20,000 words would be nice - ambitious, but nice. To be honest, anything more than zero would be an achievement, so I know I'll be happy with something around the 10,000 words mark, which is approximately 333 words a day. Not difficult at all!

● Build up to running 2 miles without stopping;
One of the biggest frustrations in my life is letting my overall fitness go. In 2011, in a different life, I ran pretty much every single day and entered myself into a handful of races - 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons. I didn't think that much of it at the time: forever the pessimist, always determined to get faster, at the same time not really noticing my own progress. But what I didn't realise was that through all of the pushing and the determination, I was getting better - I was getting well under 10-minute miles, I was on the verge of breaking my dream time (sub-30 5K) and ran my last half marathon race with enjoyment rather than exhaustion. Then, inexplicably, it all just stopped, never to begin again. I have decided that this particular month in 2017, 6 years later (and older), is the month to revisit this slip-up and try to make my body move again. I am not ignorant of the fact that trying to reclaim fitness is no easy task, however, I believe I am able to put the effort in. I can already run 10 minutes without stopping - not quite a mile at my speed, yet, but it's a start!

● Go to 3 classes at the gym;
Preferably one each of the following: a pilates class, a zumba class and a yoga class. I need to spend more time at the gym anyway, what with just beginning a membership with my beautiful local baths. A couple of my housemates are regulars too, which always helps, and I always forget how classes are so fun and social that you barely remember you're working out at all.

● Blog 3 times;
One down, two to go! I know three isn't that much of a challenge but when you have only blogged that many times this year anyway, it's a little bit of a leap.

● Buy a new MacBook charger;
A smallie but a biggie. Because it finally works again! And I will otherwise forget.

● Jazz up my rented room;
I've lived in this houseshare for a year now and we have all been incredibly lucky - we have actually made friends for life and it actually does feel like we have gelled into the shape of a little family. The shared areas aren't too bad as well, but my actual room? Bare as anything; soullessness prevails big time and this has to change. I think a lot of my problem is that I tend to hoard a lot of things (darling, things) that have no real home, so I need a few new methods of sorting and storage. As well as some delightful things to adorn my walls - I'm thinking posters and photo collages - and finally making my desk fit for use, I'm hoping to turn it into a right little haven.

So there we have it! My September goals, laid out for all to see. I've been indulging in a new policy in the last couple of months - instead of keeping my wannabe-achievements to myself, I have been telling all and sundry about all the little (and big) things that I'm hoping to knock out of the ball park Oval. That way, rather than sweeping over the fact that I have let myself down yet again, there is always somebody else around to hold me accountable. And tell me off! Because no matter what kind of life you've lived, you're never too old for a telling off.