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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Organisation is a key element in my world; it's something I pride myself on. I love filing, adore putting pins into maps and have a lust for lists. It's fair to say that highlighters are, well you know, a highlight of my life.

Pretty much every spare moment I've encountered over the past few months has involved me hunched over my laptop, notepad in one hand and pen in the other (with an americano within arm's reach of course) while I desperately scribble bits and bobs. What train do I need to take from A to B, what bag can I travel hand luggage only with, what plug adaptors do I need, where will all the best parties be? And it's not just my beloved notebook that takes the flack; I witter on about my upcoming trip to anybody who will dare open their ears. I have good reason - it's just about the most exciting thing I have done for myself (and by myself) to date. So, where am I going?

Hong Kong
I kick things off in fast-paced Hong Kong. To say that I'm giddy with excitement of my impending first footsteps in Asia is an understatement - and I am so overjoyed that Hong Kong gets to have me first. It's a country that I have been determined to go to for the best part of 10 years and as soon as I am there soaking up the atmosphere, breathing in the smog and the lights and the hurry (and all the dim sum), I will be a goner.

I'll then head over to Macau by ferry, but only for a tiny while. My time in Macau is literally a 18-hour transit stop-gap that I intend to fill with glorious waffley street food and staring in wide-eyed wonder at the tallest bungee jump in the world.

I then clamber onto a blearly middle-of-the-night flight to Taipei and I couldn't be anymore excited! Taiwan was never a mere thought in my mind until I happened upon Lauren's blog Never Ending Footsteps and pawed at it from start to finish. Her recollections of her first weeks in Asia all involve Taiwan and the love that she conveyed for this nation had me re-routing all my Skyscanner searches in a heartbeat. I only have four days to devote to Taiwan but I plan on filling them to the max, soaking up the business of Taipei and hopefully viewing the pretty temples of Kaohsiung.

Then a jetset stop in Singapore - I think I'll only be here for a couple of nights, in which I'd love to sample an authentic Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel.

I'm then headed northbound on the bus to Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. I had no idea how I would get from A to B in such a short space of time, and since I'm only away for a month in total I wanted to hit up as many places as humanly possible. But then I read Chris of Backpacker Banter's awesome post on how to overland from Singapore to Bangkok which involved a fairly straightforward, comfortable AND cheap bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, therefore I was influenced. It's the home city of one of my friends and she has been exploding with information and hidden KL secrets for me, plus I can't wait to see the Petronas Towers up close.

The (most likely) final stop of my trip will be Thailand. I am bursting with eagerness to get to this country, mostly because this is where I'll be spending most of my trip - about two weeks in total, which yes I realise is not enough, not even in the slighest - which means I get to slow down a tad and properly enjoy myself. I need to figure things out more extensively, all I'm sure of is that I'm flying into Phuket and have to make it to Bangkok within 14 days. I'd love to visit an island such as Koh Phi Phi, or head up north to chill-out central Chiang Mai, or even both if possible. Only time will tell.

So there we have it: my kind of rough, kind of ready itinerary for Asia in November. Will you be travelling to any of these places? Or have you before, and have any advice to offer or recommendations for places to go and things to do?

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