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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

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Let's talk about routine. Now, I'm not a creature of habit. In fact, I'm probably somewhat of a nightmare to all who exist around me. I insist that it's not my fault; call it a comeback of over a decade of shift work. This is something that needs to desperately change in my life but that's another story for another day... what I need to talk about is how awful I am at sticking to a routine in my life because of it. You know, the simple adult stuff like waking up at the same time, eating breakfast, keeping moving and generally being proactive about the day ahead.

I don't know what's been wrong with me of recent (I say recent, I mean more like a year) but pretty much every week, on my first day off (or sometimes both, if they're split) I get the most soul-destroying migraine. Definitely not just a headache, as I'm sure no headache makes you cry deliriously and slap yourself over the head to try and alleviate the pain and become best buddies with the bathroom. TMI? IDC. Another bad thing about me is that I'm a massive procrastinator. Tell me to 'check it out and go to the doctor' and I'll put it off for longer than necessary. It's next on my list, alright? Whether it's a bit of caffeine addiction (and subsequent withdrawal) or definitely the discovery of leisure sickness, who knows. Again: another story for another day. This is a big factor in why keeping to routines in my life is pretty much non-existent. I live day to day waking up at different times, going to work for anything between 4 to 12 hours, and my days off are usually spent lying in my pit while I pine for the great outdoors. This is not the life I envisioned for myself!

However this morning was different: I woke up without any head pain. I'm so amazed that I keep pinching myself to be sure I'm not dreaming. It's the first day off in a while where I've woken up with a clear brain and I'm so excited for the day ahead - I'm going to write this post, have quesadillas for breakfast and drive myself to Llandudno for a little daytrip. I've managed to stick to a fairly normal-person-kind-of-routine this morning and it's made me realise that I need to introduce it into my everyday life and not just my days off. This consistency in your life is not boring, instead it promotes a proactive lifestyle whatever the weather.

Here are some tips that I think help to introduce routine into fractured lives...
:: Wake up at the same time every day, or make your best attempt to.
:: (So perhaps reduce those 1pm lay-ins to the days you're crippled after houseparties. We've all been there.)
:: Immediately do something that you associate with 'being up and att'em'. For me, it's brushing my teeth.
:: Exercise. Just get it out the way. A 10 minute pilates video, a 20 minute run. It's no time at all.
:: (And it makes you SO happy, you don't even realise.)
:: Shower and wash your face. I don't wash my hair everyday but that fresh shower feeling is the win.
:: Eat a half-decent breakfast. It doesn't have to be big, even if it's just a cup of tea and a bit of toast.
:: Lay out an outfit for the day. So girlie, I know. But it stops me from living in hareem pants all day.
:: Like the above, make a small effort. Brush your hair and put on some mascara or lippie. Little things!
:: Write down a plan for the day. Sometimes, just having it there in black and white makes me stick to it.
:: Have another cup of tea. Because, tea. Also drink plenty of water! Nothing like kickstarting your day.
:: Throw those curtains wide, make your bed, put on some bangin' tunes and jive jive jive.

What do you do to kickstart your morning routine?
Have you ever heard of or suffered from 'leisure sickess'?

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