So far, so good

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ten days since I landed in Manchester like a startled baby Bambi. Ten days since I hit the city wide-eyed and wondering what was in store for me. I've searched high and low for the perfect place to live, checked out eateries and drinking holes, pounded the pavements and parks for little secrets, and basically had the opportunity to balance my busy working life with enough downtime and chilling to make my soul very happy. I've also made several observations since moving to Manchester that I thought important to document forever.
3 Things I Have Learnt In Moving To Manchester

One. You can forget your coat; it's just not done to be soft about the cold. With temperatures slightly cooler than 'dahn sahf' (a whole 2 degrees in latitude to be almost exact) rain and grey skies are the norm and generally considered to be cardigan weather. Nobody bothers with coats on a night out – that £1 would be better spent investing in your beer jacket anyway! As for the sunny end of the spectrum, anything over 15 degrees celsius is something to be celebrated and will definitely invite a ritual performed where everybody gets their arms and legs out and pollutes the air with the sweet smells of charcoal and barbecued meat. Standard summer, really.

Two. Everything is cheaper. Like, I'm not even kidding folks – this is not just one of those throwaway statement of a reason that' s there for the hell of it. Please observes these comparisons I have happened upon so far:
                                                 London                                           Manchester
A bus ride                              £1.40 on Oystercard                   £1 on the Magicbus
Rent                                       £575 (& that's in zone 6!)           £325 (25 minute bus ride from centre)
Randomly, a tea at CN     £1.85 in, £1.75 out                      £1.75 in, £1.65 out (don't ask me why!)
Lunch & drink at a cafe   Like, £1,000 & one kidney         £5, standard

Literally, my life has become a perpetual price comparison but for once in my life, I'm coming up better off and I rather like it!

Three. This is by far the biggest discovery that I have made in moving my entire life 200 miles northwest, and perhaps my biggest entire life discovery so far in my little life. I can fit my complete existence into the confines of a teeny tiny tincan car. If you know me well enough you will agree that this is somewhat of a mean feat. All my worldly shite in a Peugeot 107 and not only did it all fit, but that beaut of a little red rocket car managed to cart it on a 4 hour drive up several motorways at no less than 70 miles per hour without even a hitch. I did manage to shift a lot of crap from my life in the weeks leading up to moving and I'll admit, most of it was work-related or clothes that I hadn't worn for three years. I could still do with getting shot of a good 10-15% more of what I now own. But it's all cool because I managed to cram what I own into my car so elegantly that I had perfect rear and side mirror views and both blind spots absolutely clear. Dadworth, be proud! Not only has the whole packing process highlighted how much stuff I don't actually need to lead a normal existence, the unpacking process has too – or more like, the lack of unpacking. Basically, I have proved that I can survive on a thousand different combinations of the same couple of clothing items day in day out and that, my friends, is goals. Or whatever the kids say.

For the last 10 days I have stayed in Phil's student digs with two awesome female flatmates but I'm super excited to have finally just found a room of my own. I couldn't have had it better really in terms of price, location, fab housemates, clean premises and just about everything! It was the first place (out of many, I have to add) that I walked into, took a deep breath and thought, “This is the one...” and I've fidgeted excitedly with crossed fingers and toes ever since to hear from the live-in landlady, “We think you will make a great addition to the house.”

So far Manchester, so good.

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