Six hours in Edinburgh

Thursday, 21 May 2015

At the weekend - at the end of my first week working in the busiest store in my area in the local shopping centre, no less - Phil and I took ourselves off on a little daytrip to Edinburgh. That's right, we managed to turn visiting a city no less than 200 miles away into a single day. How did we do it?

The answer to your question was: we didn't actually do much. Firstly, the main motivator for the voyage was to see his Mum for her birthday, who herself was visiting Edinburgh with his Dad on a much deserved longer trip. Once we'd subtracted the travel time that ate heavily into our day (6 hours in total was spent on trains that fine Saturday, I'll have you know) we were left with around the same time to meander around the beauty that is Edinburgh. So we headed straight for the Castle, without arguments.

I have been to Edinburgh before back in 2012 on a long weekendy kind of trip, which is still not enough time to dedicate to this spectacular and historical Scottish city, a fact that was highlighted by not even being able to cram in enough time to see the wonderful castle. So I was mega excited to be standing in line, waiting to pay the entrance fees. They don't come cheap at £16.50 for an adult (and add on an extra £3 for an audio set to guide you around the castle grounds) but if you happen to know somebody with an English Heritage membership or other such programs, the discounts add up and make it worth it. They recommend that you give at least two hours of your time to wandering around the grounds, but I could have easily spent a whole day there. We arrived just in time for the One O'Clock Gun - and boy, is that blast loud! Legend has it that the Scots went for one blast instead of the traditional twelve at 12pm, simply to save money.

The castle stands at the very top of the Royal Mile, a pedestrianised street that leads down from the castle to the Scottish Parliament buildings. This also makes for some impressive views across the city! After our time spent at the castle, we took a stroll down the mile, taking in all the sights and stalls selling Scottish marble and plenty of free samples of tablet to boot. Before we knew it, it was time to go home. We'll be back this summer, Edinburgh! We promise!

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