I saw Warsaw

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Again in January, I enjoyed a quick hop over to Warsaw in Poland. I am lucky enough to have a great friend who hails from this spectacular country and even luckier to have joined her on a visit to her home. On one of the days we hopped in a car with some more friends and treated ourselves to a daytrip to the capital, Warsaw. It was a very cold, grey and quiet Sunday in this extremely historical city and it wasn't long until we were bundled up with fat scarves and hot coffee, ready for the next stop on our trip, but I still managed to squeeze in a little bit of photo time! Warsaw is definitely somewhere that I'd love to revisit and spend more time within, soaking up the history and the culture. Poland is genuinely one of my favourite countries to travel in (piwo & pierogies being an unashamedly mitigating factor) and I'm certain I will return before long.

The statue of the little boy in the final photo is quite profound. Located next to the Old Town and known as The Little Insurgent (Mały Powstaniec in Polish), it's a commemoration to the child soldiers who fought in the uprising in 1944, and lost their lives as a result. The oversized uniform and helmet and tiny stone machine gun only highlight how poignant and heart-rendering a memorial this is. We shall remember them.


  1. Aha the peacock was unexcpected! Warsaw looks beautiful! Love the colours of the buildings and learning about the Little Insurgent!

    1. He was a very nice surprise on a very cold day. He was out walking in Lazienki Park and looked incredibly regal with all his best colours on!