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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Before we all marvel at how quick 2014 flew on by, let's brush gently upon the actual existence of New Year's Resolutions. Every year, at the stroke of midnight on the first day of the first month, millions of human beings make promises for the year ahead. Although began with great intentions, the majority of these pledges are broken or cast aside within weeks. They range from the general - stop smoking, get fit, gain a promotion at work - to the downright absurd. Some people make a listworthy amount of resolutions, and some stick to just one. But no matter what, when or why, the ideal is always the same - to make yourself a better person. Where we got the notion that we are not good enough, and that a bunch of promises made on a certain day will cure us, is beyond me. Still, I feel ansty going into a new year without a set of goals in mind.

My feeling that 2014 went way too quickly is one that doesn't sit well with me. It backs up the fatal fact, my Mum telling me many years ago that the older you got, the more time just slipped right through your fingers. I thought she was being dramatic but now, at 27 years old, I am in total agreement. My 2014 was a great year; one that started less positively and had wavering moments but all-in-all, was probably one of my best years to date. I've cascaded into 2015 in the best spirits possible and am looking forward to a year full of pleasant surprises, change, and productivity - with hopefully no negativity to bring it down. Ambitiously, I'm looking towards making 2015 the best year of my life.

2015 Resolutions

01. Make more effort to document things.
As in: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog - obviousl starting RIGHT NOW. I also want to work harder at documenting things offline, to remember how we used to do it. Journalling, scrapbooking and making prints of photos will satisfy my creative needs.

02. Be more conscious of how I treat my body.
Where to begin? So many different resolutions could fall into this category, I thought it best just to lump it into one. Because personally, I don't think it's worth it to make a dietary change without also adapting how you exercise, drink, sleep, wash your face in the morning. The list goes on. But one thing is for certain, is that 2015 has to be a more active year. I'm very much looking forward to lots of hiking this year, in the UK and beyond. I'm also excited to even comprehend getting back into running and cycling. Quite a biggie this year is that I've decided to give up eating meat; this is something that is much less about being body and diet conscious, and more about how I feel about the treatment of animals whilst they are being raised to become little meals for us. But that's another story for another day! I'm hoping that this change will prompt me to become more experimental with vegetables and as a bonus, I've decided to continue eating fish for those extra nutrients!

03. Move cities.
This year is the year I finally depart the south-east and head up north. I'm excited to be able to explore new lands, make a go of it in a new city or town, make new friends, be closer to my love, and to do something that is - at the end of the day - a decision made entirely by me and for me alone.

04. Learn a new skill or gain a hobby.
I wish I could be more specific but in my experience, promising that I'm going to knit five scarves this year, learn a language or something equally as pinpointed is just setting myself up for failure from day one. That being said, I am hungry to try out new things and experiences and when I move, I think this would be a surefire way to make friends.

05. Fix my guitar and get back into playing.
Aged 13, I taught myself guitar off of my own back and blew off lessons like the little punk rock rebel I was. In the last two years, I've done myself a complete disservice by allowing myself to sit with a broken guitar whilst doing nothing about it. The worst of it is, it's not even really that broken; it's something relatively minor that means I cannot play it until it's fixed, but I've just been lazy. Poor excuse.

06. Read 30 books.
Every year I make a book-related promise (it always seems to centre around the number 52) and every year, I fail miserably and it's always clear from quite early on. This year, I've lowered my number and in true Kate-like fashion, it's January the 11th and I'm already onto my third book. WHAT. This is a goal I feel pretty good about hitting, especially since I am pretty sure I'll be travelling alot this year. Follow my journey in books on GoodReads!

07. Visit another continent.
I've done Europe and I've done North America. This year, it's time to venture into one of the big A's! In the midst of moving, I'm also embarking on a pretty big travel escapade in the middle of the year, which is enough to overexcite anybody.

08. Be good for myself, not everybody else.
aka. Stop Trying To Impress All The Damn Time. This is an affliction that I have suffered with for, like, ever. Most things that I do seem to have a subliminal motive behind them. I want to make that person happy or like me, or make that person's life easier, or help them with a project or getting that job or realising their dreams. This is not something that has made me an unhappy person - in fact, completely the opposite, as I live for helping to make others happy - it's just that I've forgotten about myself along the way. It's the kind of action that has meant that I've held back from certain things over the years: travelling, moving, considering a change of career, more more more. All of these things, coupled with generally looking after myself better, are things that I want to put into action this year, and are things that I believe will shape my 2015 and make it a killer.

Bring on the fantastic '15!

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