5 pluses at the end of your travels

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Gutting, isn't it? The days you whiled away in blissful content, you spent years planning and months saving for - and in the blink of an eye it's over like a flash. The saying 'don't count the days but make the days count' rings ever true but you know, just because it's done with doesn't mean all is doom and gloom. Oh no, there are positives to be taken out of the end of your travels - and I've got just a few for you.

+1. Treating yourself to a bit of a pamper. Those thoughts of deluxe bubble baths or hot showers you've spent many a sweaty day drooling over? Guess what - you can finally put it into action. Face masks, deep conditioner, hair straighteners; they're finally in your possession again and don't take them for granted. If we go one step further (and if you're a silly goose like me) then it's getting your birds nest hair all loved up again with that darn hairbrush that you forgot to pack. Yep, that happened. I'm not proud.

+2. You can finally sit back and reflect. Undoubtedly 21 Mayyou've been living life at 120mph for the given time, barely even pausing to flick through photographs. Now's the chance to do so, to finally sit and breathe it all in. Drain everything out from your brain - write down scattered thoughts, arrange and print off photographs, turn all the random leaflets you've collected into a scrapbook. Do it while it's still fresh.

+3. You'll have new friends for life, from all over the world. So you may not be out there trekking around and seeing what you've seen anymore & it's crushing. But all those poor souls you met along the way are probably in exactly the same boat as you right now. Sympathise with each other; if there's anybody who knows how you feel, it's the girl you bunked with in that hostel or the dude who's shoulder you spent a week sleeping on during a road trip, or the person who bawled on the last day because they really didn't want to go home. Drop one a text or catch up over Skype. You're allowed to be friends longer than just holiday. In fact, it's the law.

+4. It gives you a bit of zest. Post post-holiday blues, of course. But once that's all shot of, there's nothing like coming back from abroad with a spring in your step. Sometimes even the mere thought of being ready for whatever lies ahead is enough to shake off the trauma of your travel life being over (for now). If work or family life or relationshippin' has been tough pre-trip, it's all going to be a lot easier to handle afterwards with your shiny new views on everything.

+5. There's always another adventure to plan. Don't let that one time be the end, already be setting your sights on a new horizon. Throwing your backpack to the depths of the wardrobe is not an option here, no sirree. Just admit you've got the bug and run with it. After all, you only live once.

What would you turn into a positive at the end of your travels?

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