Twice upon a time in Copenhagen

Thursday, 20 March 2014

There are perils of being a blogger that nobody may quite understand unless they are one. There is the fear of missing out, the fear that you've started too early for anything you write to be remotely interesting, or the fear of beginning way too late to encompass anything that you have done before. So what happens when you change the name of your blog (check) and decide to reroute and 'become' a travel blogger, when you've already done a substantial amount of city-hopping and plane-shopping in your time? You start a photo-heavy Throwback Thursday feature of course! So in a bid to document my trips of the past, I thought I'd blast things off with one of my favourites - which I actually did for a second time a couple of years later and briefly mentioned here and I will finally document(!) - but as with most things, nothing can leave an impression like the first time.

Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
When: 29th/30th March 2010

When: 9-11th November 2012

Quickfire Round!

The Lowdown. Change your British pennies into Danish Krone (which is roughly £1 to 0.1Kr) and set your watches to UTC+1. Hej is 'hello' and Tak is 'thank you' although honestly, you'll be hard-pushed to find a Dane that doesn't have English more perfect than your own.

Get around by... S-Train, the city's public transport system. It operates on a zone system, similar to the London Underground, and if you buy a Copenhagen Card not only does it cover all your travel for a specified amount of time, it also grants you free admission to an abundance of landmarks, sights and museums. The Copenhagen Card costs around 230Kr for 24 hours (around £25).

Must see? Christiania, the freetown inside Copenhagen; breathtaking the Botanical Gardens; the Church Of Our Saviour with it's amazing spiral staircase spire; the beautiful royal palace Amalienborg - go at midday to see the changing of the guard!

Must do? Any canal cruise going - it's more than worth it for a chance to see Copenhagen from a different angle; take in the epic view from the Rundetårn; take a stroll down Strøget, the longest shopping street in the world; visit Tivoli, one of the oldest still functioning amusement parks in the world, and ride the Star Flyer for it's amazing views of the city.

For that classic Copenhagen photo, visit... Nyhavn! This is where you see all those pretty canal-side photos of colourful buildings set against the blue sky. Or, of course, The Little Mermaid statue in Østerbro.

If you have time... take a train across the Øresund Bridge to Malmo, Sweden. It's only a 25-minute journey on very frequent trains - all night long included - and is a nice take on a daytrip-from-a-daytrip.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen?
What was a must see/do for you?

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