Marching onwards

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The first of March. A significant sigh of relief. The worst of winter is over, the days are beginning to get longer and there have been enough paydays since Christmas to believe that you are finally able to treat yourself once more. For these reasons and many more, I always feel like March is when things begin to pick up once more. And I like the symbolic meaning behind the first of a month; it's a true fresh start. Usually. Today was a different story altogether, an absolutely poxy excuse for a day. We had a mega busy day at work whilst mega understaffed, West Ham lost against Everton and to top it all off my hair had taken on quail-like tendancies and was therefore shoddy.

However, I'm not going to let that dampen my first-of-the-damn-month spirits. There's a lot to be looking forward to in March and indeed the more I sit here thinking about it whilst swirling my rosé spritzer, the more I find to smile about. Here's a snippet of what I'm going to be getting up to this month...

I'm going to Prague. Groupon, eat your heart out - Lidia and me have got you sussed! We have both wanted to hit Prague together for as long as we can remember and noticed a trend that whenever we were drinking together and checking out Groupon Getaways, a hot deal for Prague would always come up. We always said we would book it, we would book it, yadda yadda... then (of course) the one day we really wanted to just goddamn book it, there wasn't a goddamn deal! Hrrrgh! So literally, the very next time we browsed - armed with cider - we paid up on the spot and now we are off to Prague at the end of the month. We cannot wait!

I'm taking my Mum to see The Full Monty. At the theatre! It's one of our favourite films. I don't think people actually get how good this film is - perhaps the thought of 'eww male strippers' is offputting but this is no Magic Mike and that is just the charm of it. Think working-class Yorkshire lads, trying to make a pretty penny and getting into a whole heap of mischief along the way. It's both heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time and comes with great feelgood factor, especially from the iconic final scene. This time, we will be the audience! This is my Mum's birthday present and I really hope she enjoys it.

I plan to blog a lot and run a lot. She says. I'm awful at making big promises and resolutions to myself and never seeing them through. I need to work on my staying power! Perhaps I need to start small. I definitely need to ease myself back into running; I just signed up for a half marathon towards the end of the year to give me something to work towards. I don't want to go all out in March but I definitely want to try and get through two runs a week in the next four weeks. It's nothing special but I'm not setting myself any other conditions. As long as I get out for two runs every week, even if it's just two miles, then it's better for nothing. As for blogging... I feel like I've got into a bit of a routine recently and am really really enjoying what I am managing to put out. I have plans. Not really big plans but plans none the less.

I'm treating myself to a new camera. I've been researching for a few months now, weighing up pros and cons and lots of different options. I mainly want something multi-functional, easily transportable, durable and perfect for travel, plus HD video recording. I've read a lot about it and have settled for this. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ35 seems like a really smart point-and-shoot with lots of functions and everything that I want in a little camera. It will make a great alternative to my SLR and as much as I love having my SLR on me while travelling, it isn't always practical. This will be much more so and I cannot wait to test it out in Prague!

I'm also going to see Swan Lake at the ballet and going to see Example amongst spending quality time with friends and people that matter. March is going to be hella positive and I can't wait to get it underway. Let me just have one more glass of sympathetic rosé and I'm ready to rock.

What have you got planned for March?

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