#Blog4Trek: Weekend Packing

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Let's not beat around the bush. I'm a competitive girl and I love a challenge. So when I heard that Trek America - who are my absolute favourites - were launching a competition to find their Next Top Blogger, and that round one asks us the entrants just what we might pack for a weekend away, a little lightbulb sparked up over my head. You see, as somewhat of a budget airline enthusiast I've become a bit of an expert at packing as light as possible. Hand luggage all the way, baby! It's all about space-saving by multitasking items: here's how I fit everything I need for a weekend city break into a little backpack.

// Smartphone.
I think a lot of people would cite a tablet or an iPad as more useful but for ultimate space-saving, you can't go wrong with a Smartphone. You could access your Kindle library, download TripAdvisor guides, create a few playlists and ditch your mp3 player, use it as a camera, even upload photos and news of your trip as you go, free Wifi permitting. The possibilities are endless and can save you so much space - and backache! Don't forget your charger, though.

// A map.
Absolutely something that a smartphone cannot do properly and I'll tell you why. A map can buy you new local friends: give them a pen and everybody will want to show you where their favourite places are. I love the feeling of a new map with crisp lines that slowly gets scruffy, gaining pen marks, circles around landmarks and rough notes of places you have been to in the process. Much less bulkier and more personable than a guidebook. This cannot be replicated in any other formula and makes a wonderful travel memento.

// A big scarf & comfortable shoes.
Comfortable shoes do what they say on the tin, so pick a pair of worn-in sneakers that will go from day to evening with ease. A huge scarf will multitask in so many ways; it can be used as a cover-up, a blanket, a make-do pillow and, you know, an actual scarf. Spritz it with perfume to keep it - and you - smelling beautiful all weekend. What else could you possibly need? Oh, clean undies at least! Silly me.

// Simple toiletries.
You definitely don't want to lug around your whole bathroom cabinet so keep it short and sweet. You're only away for a weekend, so you can easily survive without all your hair products: just take a miniature Batiste Dry Shampoo and a mini hairbrush. Facewipes double up as make-up removers and morning cleansers; just bring a miniature of a moisturiser, like Simple, to keep your skin glowing. Deodorants in solid form don't have to be squeezed into those constricting plastic bags for liquids in your hand luggage; the ones by Sure are really good. This leaves more room for a few essential make-up bits - but don't go overboard. Mascara, concealer and a tinted lip balm should be enough to see you through. Besides, who wants to waste time worrying about make-up hair when there are such beautiful things to see!

What would you pack for a weekend away?
Competitive girl just like me? Check out Trek America's fab competition here! Good luck!

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