Friday, 3 January 2014

It appears that I didn't bother stitching together any resolutions at the start of 2013, so I have nothing to make a comparison to. To be completely honest I actually feel exactly the same as I did one year ago: neither fatter nor thinner, not richer or poorer, and neither happier or sadder. Just the same, but with a lot of in-between-happenings padding out the full stops. Even so, over the past year I think that the harshest criticism that I've had for myself is thinking that I'm sitting back and just letting the world turn right before my eyes. Like, it's turning and I'm just sitting and having no impact whatsoever. It's taken me a lot to realise that this ridiculous thought is so far from the truth. It's a weird kind of bliss to think that actually this probably has a lot to say about how I feel about life now. I have been inspired and not in a fleeting moment never to be seen again, but for life. It's up to me to make 2014 magical and I am in full belief that it's going to happen.

These are my resolutions for 2014.

#1 - Cook a new recipe every month. This actually stretches well beyond the realm of the statement. I want it to be part of a complete overhaul of the way I look at food. Cook something, bake something, spend time making something that I really want to eat rather than settling for another Pot Noodle or packet of crisps just because it's quick and easy - something that I'm sure other fellow shift workers are only too guilty of! I need to start being kinder to my body with what I put into it so that it is kinder to me... and so that when I do go on that one-time beer and ice cream binge, it actually feels glorious rather than a sin.

#2 - Get back into blogging. Something that I've let slack over the past year (well, more like two) is keeping up with blogging and truth be told, I can pinpoint it directly to my complete desire having vanished. But in turn I can pinpoint that fact to feeling like I have to rather than wanting to. Truth be told, I realised that the moment I stopped feeling like I had to, I began to want to once more. So it's all about blogging about what I want, when I want. For a little while there's no need to stress about a brand, a voice, a routine - the magic is, is that it will find it's own journey by itself.

#3 - Ditto, running. However something that won't find it's own journey by just sitting-back-and-letting-it-happen (sadly) is my fitness! Which is something else I've let slide over the past year. It's very easy to blame an extremely active job and crazy shift patterns but a line has to be drawn somehow. If I can find half an hour to munch on way too many crisps, then you betcha I can find half an hour to have a jog or do some Pilates. This is an area I really have to begin to push myself in.

#4 - Read 30 books. Very, very ambitious. I never ever break any of the book targets that I set myself. However with the purchase of my Kindle last year, my book reading soared by about 2000%. I kid you not. So I think finally, the target is beatable. Plus I've still got The Great Gatsby to finish. It's about what year I finish the book in, right? Right.

#5 - Declutter my life. The thing about travelling last year is that it made me realise how much stuff I didn't need. I'm not the sort of girl that cries about being make-up free or being without her straighteners, but you never understand what it's like to live out of a backpack until you actually do it. And I'm talking about stuff like having 4 pairs of pants on rotation kind of packing. This isn't only applicable to the stuff inside my wardrobe, but to pretty much everything I own. Books I won't read again, CD's I don't play, artifacts that I believe are important but I actually never think about. I want to reduce everything I own by at least 50% and do you know what, I don't think that's crazy talk.

#6 - Stop biting my nails. And the skin around them. Yep, I'm yucky. But this year it has to be done.

#7 - Enjoy my own company. This is a bit of a cop out. I know perfectly well how to spend time alone - I'm a fiercely independent only child who always makes sure she has something to look forward to. But if I close my eyes I remember the times I used to take myself to museums or to the cinema to catch a flick or off on the train on a daytrip somewhere new, and somewhere along the line I've let that slide a little. For tea and Eastenders is not knowing how to utilize the time spent with yourself!

#8 - Start planning a big adventure. I have a dream of something I want to do before I'm 30. It's a little something that will be part of a much bigger journey. Time is ticking, so I had better get a move on.

#9 - Document my life in daily records. To my best girl, I'm so sorry I stole this one from you! And I feel a bit silly anyway as it's something that I try and do every year, you know, keep a diary, partake in a 365 challenge. But therein lies the catch: I try. I never succeed. Anyway this year I fully intend to see an Insta365 through to New Year's Eve and I've just started keeping my 'One Line A Day' diary, and I'm fully determined to cross this off my list.

#10 - Keep learning Polish. In 2013, I started to learn Polish. I didn't have to and by jove it made my head spin but I did anyway. At the end of the year, I no longer had a legit reason to keep learning Polish. It was a bit of a sore point for a bit but now all I can think is, why not? And why not indeed. It would be a waste of hours otherwise. I'm proud of what I've pushed myself to do so far, why not keep enriching it?

#11 - Spend more time with my parents. I'm getting to that stage in my life where I'm beginning to realise more about age and how much it scares me; not only because of how old I am, but also because of the age of my parents. While they are by no means old in the slightest, they aren't young either (my Dad turns the big 6-0 this year!) and I believe recently, more than ever, I know that forever is just a concept. I would hate to think that I had never spent enough time with my parents, at any stage in my life, so this year it's about keeping more up to date with my family and letting them know exactly how much I love them.

#12 - Be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. As long as my head can hit the pillow every night with the knowledge that on that day I smiled, I helped others, I made somebody's day better, I worked the hardest I could, I was good to myself... then in my opinion, every day can be a success. No matter what life throws at me.

What resolutions do you have for 2014?

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