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Sunday, 8 December 2013

You know what I said about making a grand comeback and finally regaling my tales of Canada and just generally carrying on with blogging and life as normal?

My laptop died two days later. Way to go, 2.0.

Of course the hard way is like no other way, therefore I rapidly discovered that that little white shell of circuits and megabytes was completely invaluable to my being. Not just for all that I documented on it in the form of photos and words, but for all it's uses. After all this laptop was more than just a laptop. It was my encyclopedia, my TV and DVD player, my stereo system, my shopping emporium, my gateway into the world of travel and photography and all those other things that I love. And then some.

Luckily in recent years I have become somewhat of a sensible human being; I believe this is what we call an 'adult'. I brush my teeth twice a day, I buy insurance when I go on holiday, I save my pennies for emergencies and above all of those things, I back(ed) up my computer regularly. This has proved to be something of a lifesaver for me as it's possible I would have drowned in a sea of my own tears had I  lost 5+ years worth of completely irreplaceable photos, work and memories. It's something I 110% recommend everybody doing on a routine basis.

After congratulating myself on that one fact, I was left with the task of trying to source myself another computer. I always knew that this would be a difficult hunt. You see, I became completely devoted to Apple after buying my Mac in early 2009, believing it to be the perfect platform on which to turn out my artistry. Apple devices are, of course, known to be virtually unbeatable at their ability to provide creative services namely in the field of photography. There probably wasn't a day gone by that I wasn't fiddling with a photo or two on my Mac, unless I was off on a trip somewhere simply snapping some more! However one thing that I learnt the first time around - MacBook's are costly little things and thus I resigned myself to the conclusion that I probably would have to settle for less.

Then, to cut another long story short, I won an iPad. Yes I actually won something amazing and I'm completely gobsmacked, as this level of luck never happens to little ladies like me! I'm naturally completely delighted and while I know that it doesn't possess even half of the range that my MacBook did, I'm happy to stay loyal to the Apple brand. I haven't had almost half a chance to figure out all it's nuts and bolts yet (so far it's seen a lot of Scrabble duels, oh and Strictly Come Dancing) but I do know that I can upload photos to it from my camera and I definitely know that I can type blog posts on it. I should know, I'm doing the latter right now!

So even though the journey has been a little fractured and may continue to be arduous, the blogging beatdown can continue on to its heart's content. And yes, I will definitely get Canada down on paper very soon - before I have new adventures to override it. Because believe me, there's always a new adventure a-comin'...

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