Springing into action

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The clocks jumped forward! And all of a sudden the evenings are brighter and the sunshine is actually present. It may not be warm (yet) but boy, how that daylight at the end of a working day helps. Now I'm not one to jump on any ol' bandwagon but I've always wondered if I have a touch of the winter blues as I'm always reaching the top end of stroppy in the middle of March, but as soon as British Summer Time begins it's like I've drunk a magic potion. I'm excited! I'm chirpy! I can be in the most dandy of moods even with a hangover! And best of all? My productivity is upped by at least 150%. Spring, I'm ready for you. Here are some things I am really looking forward to...

1. Devour books like nobody's business.
You may think wintertime is the best time to get your nose stuck into a good book or six but I just can't seem to dig that. For me, it's the brighter seasons that make reading a lot easier. Think: reading your book in the park after work while you sun your bare legs, or sat on an inner-city coffee shop sofa with a frappe, or on an airplane to a warmer and new destination. I'm off to Hungary for a break in a couple of weeks and one of the main reasons I'm so excited is because I can finally lose myself in a few books! Finally, my Goodreads won't look so bare.

2. Find lots of wicked things to do in Budapest.
As I mentioned before, I'm taking a trip to Hungary in the middle of April and for many various reasons, I absolutely cannot wait. Firstly, I'll be visiting a brand new city which alone is more than enough to quench my thirst. The next two weeks will be spent ferociously studying all the best things to do, see and taste in Budapest (where I'm off to) and trying to grasp a couple of useful phrases (a little more than Bocsánat, nem tudok magyarul anyway!) that I can practice while out and about. Which also means I get to meet up with my little angel Hungarian ex-colleague to teach me her lovely language, which is long overdue! Secondly, this is the first break I have taken with my Mum and just my Mum, ever. I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with her and also for her to show me around a city she is already familiar with (it doesn't happen this way around often). Lastly, I've been running off my feet with work the past few months and I haven't had a chance for a proper break; Budapest will be just the perfect place to lose myself a bit and feel completely out of reach from everything. I'm looking forward to slowly whiling away time reading, writing and general wandering.

3. Getting back to healthy living.
I've got a confession: I'm a bit of a fairweather fitness fanatic. In the summertime I'll run races, I'll swim the channel, I'll cycle to Brighton and back, I'll practice Pilates all night. I'll do it all! But come the winter, I go into the most drastic of shutdowns where my morning sit-ups are replaced by an almighty strop ("I don't WANT TO get up!") and running suddenly becomes nothing more than a sprint to the supermarket for lazy food. Shameful! It's safe to say that I have truly let go over the past few months to the point of beginning to feel a little bit flubbery (as in: woah, my jeans feel a bit tight all of a sudden) and I need to get back on it like Sonic. Because I love a bit of planning, I am having the best time finding lots of low-fat and healthy recipes to conjure up and trying to work out where my workouts can go in my busy weeks - now it's all about putting it into practice.

4. Take a photograph every day.
Did you know I recently got a smartphone? Because I am the last person/dinosaur on the planet to do just about anything, it means Instagram is suddenly EXCITING!!1! again, if only for me! What I love about Instagram is that it's Twitter in pictures, practically. Where you're not being as witty or interesting as you can be in 140 characters, you have to be as eyecatching and descriptive as possible in one little square box. And as a total magpie photographer, I really madly love it! It also makes it so easy to get on with A Photo A Day-kinda projects; there are not many places you could possibly be without your phone or where you may have forgotten it. So from April 1st 2013 until March 31st 2014 I'll be recording daily snapshots. Who knows? It may even give me an excuse to do a round-up every month(!)

5. Be more firm and stand my grounds, amongst other things.
Basically, a little attitude overhaul. I say grounds because while I'm only thinking of one or two areas in my current life, I want this to start applying to everything - and this is definitely not to say that I'm a pushover! But more like I am one of those people who just wants to make everything okay. I do like a bit of pleasing people, even sometimes at the expense of my own enjoyment. I am also a total Yes Girl and I just need to train myself that I cannot say yes to everything. I need to not only get tough with myself but other people too. I think the change of the seasons and of your age (especially around the mid-20s mark) really make you evaluate what's important and brilliant and what you need to address and shake up a bit.

6. Simplify!
In other words, sort out the mountains of junk that accumulate my life room! I really want to get back to basics ASAP so it's no other time but spring clean time! Black binbags time! eBay time! And all those other times that come with. And this time (as I've said so many times): I mean it!

7. Get back on the blogging bandwagon.
I think being a bit fairweather between seasons and having a touch of the winter blues play a lot into this. Having recorded most of my life in some form, I am not about to give it up any time soon but every now and then I get a little bogged down by it all and (shock! horror!) sometimes just want to erase everything. That's the worst! Usually in the winter, too. I can't imagine not having all these diaries and journals to look back on when I'm older and remember all the minute details, but I somehow feel that in the last one or two years there has been a bit of a gap where I haven't written so much. Understandable, right? But being so busy with work now, I need to find different approaches to keep it not only exciting for me, but easy for me to follow through with. While I'm on the learning curve, maybe I'll pick up a few tips for you all!

8. Let go, or figure it out.
This very time last year, I'd put in an offer to buy a two-bedroom flat with my other half. It was rejected. At this very moment this year, I am sat in my bed writing this post. It is not the same bed I slept in this time last year, and I am not with that other half anymore. To write just about that mere thought and this little feeling is quite surreal and it seems sudden, but then I realise I've cartwheeled through the best part of a year in a haze. I've never quite stopped and stared at it all square in the face before. And there's nothing more I can say to this without getting terribly rambly (and we don't want that) that just saying I need to do that.

9. Enjoy myself.
Because when it's all said and done, with all of this I can at least enjoy myself. I can finish every day with a smile. I can wake up with happiness. I can look forward to tomorrow and the next day, instead of just a month from now or three months from now. And when the spring has sprung it's last, I can look back (hopefully) and say that I made the most of it. I had a good time. I did everything that I wanted to do, and perhaps a little bit more. And I'll be ready for the summer!

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