Friends? We're more like a gang

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Well hello there, sweet blog o' mine. I do remember that I have you sometimes. You fall to the back of my mind when my life is all hustle and bustle, and I am sorry. I will try my hardest to not neglect you in future. Love, Kate ♥

No but seriously, I have promised myself that I would catch up time and time again... but the last three weeks have flown by something chronic! It's been a mix of lots-of-things-to-do (including Pancake Day, Valentines Day, and my Mum's birthday all within the same week) and plenty of work-related stuffs that have had me all tangled up. A combination of being down by one-and-a-half people plus some of who I do retain having holidays equals not a lot of spare time for a manager! So I've been lost in a haze of interviews and training, but I have magically found myself with a spare evening and surprise! I'm blogging!

It hasn't all been bad times and blunders though. In fact, I've had some pretty smashing days and nights recently.

Last week at work, we got underway with the proceedings of our annual Barista Of The Year competition, beginning with our area heats. This is hands down one of my favourite events at work and I genuinely look forward to it from the moment the previous year has finished. Obviously, it's one barista per store competing for the title and then the winner from the area gets to compete against all the other area winners, and so on until there is just one man (or woman) standing. The competitors go head-to-head in rounds to find out who makes the most incredible, beautiful and delicious drinks. But it's more than just that: it's an excuse to show off, it's a reason to get all loud, and it's the perfect way to get your team acting like a proper team. Everybody gets themselves kitted out in supportive outfits (a lot of stores pick a team colour or symbol) and make garish banners and invent chants or songs and generally makes a lot of noise when their guys are on the bar, making magic. I love it. I don't even care if my competitor gets through or not, I just believe that immersing yourself in that amazing atmosphere is enough to make it a good night.

It was my Mum's birthday last weekend and I tried my hardest to make sure that she had a special day. We decided to do something a bit different than usual and we headed up to Spitalfields Market for a wander and to gawp at all the shiny, wonderful things. We also ate a very late brunch at Giraffe (a first for my Mum) and we both concluded that it was most delicious - and incredibly filling! That still didn't stop us from getting cupcakes at Hummingbird though ;)

Before we even got to Spitalfields, we made a vow that we had to try out the Emirates Air Line as it's so local to where we're from, yet neither of us have travelled on it since it's installation last summer. I remember driving to my parents abode just before it opened and seeing it for the first time, openly thinking, "What the hell is that?!" For those that don't know, the Thames doesn't have very many places to cross in East London and as part of the Olympics re-vamp, some bigshots decided to install a cable car to transport people from the Royal Docks in Canning Town (north of the river) to the O2 in the Greenwich Peninsula (south of the river) in a matter of minutes. For a single trip on Oystercard it costs £3.20 and a 10-journey travelcard offer for £16 - which is an attempt to integrate it as a regular method of transport for commuters. I'm all for it - what better way to start your day than with a brilliant bird's eye view of London? Anyway, I thoroughly recommend that everybody try out the Air Line.

Other things that I have been up to; enjoying the snow / later, not enjoying the snow anymore / a sterling Tiger Tiger night out with my girls / a lot of ranty texts between me and my friend Lidia / one of which led to us booking a holiday to Majorca in June, in the space of no more than 10 minutes / dyeing and trimming my hair (since I'm attempting to grow it out, this is now standard boring stuff) / visiting my parents and playing with that little kitty / having the flu, as in actual flu / going pancake cray-cray on Pancake Day - lemon and sugar > everything / giving blood on Valentines Day because I had nothing better to do, and trying not to laugh my arse off when my giving blood buddy fainted (I'm evil) / long-awaited meet-ups with both Aimee and Bee / desperately wishing that the Spring would get underway - or at least less of this bitter wind, yeah?

What have you all been up to recently, old friends?