Goodbye, little car

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's been almost a year to the day since I bought my very first car of my own. And due to a series of crazy and unfortunate incidents that left it nothing but completely broken, there was only one place left for it to go. This morning I had to stand and watch it be towed away with tearful eyes; the saddest goodbye.

So goodbye, little car. I literally loved you to death even though you hated me. You hated me in a way that you drank all the petrol I put in you and all your wheels nearly fell off in sequence and bits of your engine blew up multiple times. You laughed in my face and left me broken down on three-lane roundabouts at rush hour and stranded in the middle of the night on motorways. But even though it was hella expensive, we had a brilliant year together and I still loved you. We had crazy spontaneous roadtrips and visited friends at 2am and we zipped up and down motorways and loved a service station or two. We saw beautiful sunsets and nearly crashed in the most awful storms and took care of each other in the snow. All those great times meant that it was horrible to watch that evil winch pick you up and dump you onto that truck like you didn't matter. It smashed your windscreen and roof and the sound was awful and I cried for you. You mattered; you were so special. I will never forget you, my first car.

(A little overdramatic but I really, really loved that rustheap. <3)