Sunday, 27 May 2012

what a pair of posers!

More sunshiney goodness! This time from the very first spurt of it earlier this week, where I found the time to jolly up to the centre of London to meet with my very good pal Bee. My BBFF, in fact - bloggy best friend forever, of course! The history of Bee and me goes back a long, long way to the depths of Livejournal in the mid-naughties and I honestly feel like we've known each other forever whenever we meet up and just cannot stop wittering. Definitely one of the best things being so social on the internet has brought me is the many friends I've gained and longwindedly, I suppose I wouldn't be living the way I do today if it had not been for meeting certain people by way of online diaries and forums. Anyway, Bee is one of the best people I've ever met in my entire life. Fact. We've both been blogging in various forms for years but when we first decided to start up less emo-ish, more serious and public blogs we decided that we would totally cheerlead each other, and thus the term 'BBFF' was born. You heard it here first, 'kay?

Coming straight from work, I was totally unprepared for the glorious sunshine on offer which is why I look like I'm dying of heat in a pair of jeans. Because I totally am. Still, we enjoyed one of the most luscious dinners ever at Byronburger and took away a couple of gorgeous milkshakes - chocolate malt for Bee, straight-up vanilla for me. The milkshakes are to die for and are worth going to Byronburger for alone. We chose a sitting-and-nattering spot of Soho Square, which the entirety of London had seemingly picked too but that only added to the wonderful joyful feeling that seemed to be filtering through the city at that time.

As my bloggy best friend forever, of course our Bee has a spot on the internet of her very own - Like A Skeleton Key - and you ought to check it out for wonderful words and hot London tips. She can sniff out things even a born Londoner (i.e. yours truly) wouldn't know about. It all makes for quirky but knowledgeable reading and it's definitely one to watch.

This post is totally sponsored* by love & friendship.
* 'kay, it isn't really sponsored.

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