Worse things happen at tea

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

So, let's talk about the very unique and personal thing that is; tea. Personal not only in the way you take it (one lump or two? A splash or a glug of milk? The combinations are endless) but for many, it even comes down to what brand you drink. Some people are devout followers of PG Tips, others are hardcore Tetley enthusiasts. In this house, we are Yorkshire, and Yorkshire only.

Until this week that is. I came home from work on Monday to find this box of Clipper Organic Everyday Tea sat on the kitchen worktop. Being slightly mystified, I searched the house until I came across Phil, who was sat after his tea-foraging experience looking as pleased a punch. "It was on offer!" He exclaimed, seeming rather proud of himself. I reminded him of his duties to the church of Yorkshire but he waved them off, declaring that this Clipper tea would be lovely. Right.

Two hours and two cups later, Phil could no longer paint on his passion for Clipper tea and I heard a reluctant and glum, "It's, er, alright," when I probed him for his opinion. Inside, I was cheering - I'm always right, you see. (*cough* bighead *cough*) Don't you just find that when your usual cup or brand of tea is changed, it's never quite as enjoyable? Anyway, as I keep telling myself: oh well! Only 76 more cups to go.

These are some of my other current favourite hot drinks. I'm trying to stave off coffee because, let's face it, I get enough of that at work. Lemon & Ginger tea is one of my all-time loves - one of those flavours that I find really warming and comforting in the winter, yet equally as refreshing in the summertime. And the smell is divine! It's safe to say that I get through a box of this pretty quickly. I'm also drinking a lot of chai lattes too, with soy milk warmed in the microwave. It's perfect for a late night treat or replacement for dessert.

Not that you can tell - in fact, I don't blame you for reckoning that these are my secret stash of Yorkshire - but these two bags are my absolute babies. They're actually Lapsang Souchong, a new discovery for me. My friend J recommended it to me and I have to admit, when he mentioned 'smokey, woody, firey' as a way of describing the flavour I was more than skeptical - especially when he said, "Add milk; it will make it." So he threw a few bags my way and one morning, I took the plunge and brewed up a cup... and was instantly bowled over. This tea is unspeakably amazing; so smokey and aromatic but never at all overpowering. I would definitely recommend that everybody try at least one cup. I'm rationing my two bags as I've put myself on a tea-buying ban until I've depleted my tea cupboard.

Yes, that's right. Tea cupboard. What do you mean, 'you don't have one'?

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