Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I do hate leaving it ages and ages to post things, but at the same time I dislike doing major or significant (to me) things without addressing them, even when the initial moment has well and truly passed. Basically, I spent a weekend in Liverpool a couple of weeks back and whilst I don't want to forget it, I already don't remember a lot about it. This is my own fault, or the fault of my party - we spent a lot of time in Liverpool doing an awful lot of nothing in the grand scheme of things and not a lot of seeing or doing (unless you count drinking and eating). When I go far to a city, especially a new one, I love to take in the sights and the culture like a proper little sightsee-r. But sadly, in this case, it wasn't really to be.

Not to worry; it just means I'll have to visit Liverpool again some time! I did at least manage to snag a lovely little meander down by Albert Dock and you know what, that'll do for now. Albert Dock is completely stunning and full of things to see and do. I can save the Tate, the Beatles Experience, and the long walks around the city for some other time. Liverpool, I'll be back!

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