Goin' Ape

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What can I possibly say? Well, I could very much start with how awesome Go Ape really is. Seriously. If you have even the teensiest sense of high-adrenaline adventure, then you need to get yourself to one of Go Ape's many sites in the UK and partake in one of their treetop adventures. Once you are trained to harness and hook yourself onto their many obstacles, you are set free without supervision to get around the course without so much as a leg wobble. If, like me, you have a tiny fear of falling from great heights, I would still recommend you give it a go. Once you get past the first obstacle and realise that no, you will not die, you are completely unstoppable. Even when you're zip wiring across the forest and getting a faceful of woodchip at the end, you'll still be smiling. And feel like a proper little adventurer.

Top tip: It makes an excellent boy-birthday present, especially for a newly-turned 30-year old who still wants to feel 29. Happy birthday (for yesterday), Phil! ♥

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