A crazy week

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Here's a bit of a Ronseal post for you: as in, it does what it says on the tin! I feel like I've had a proper week of it, really. A minor down, a massive high, and some good and even insignificant things things to carry the flow in between, that I feel like I just need to blurt it all out in a pile of words and photos.

You may or may not have heard about my car. My poor car! I went to Bromley with my Mum on Friday for a spot of retail therapy (very therapeutic) and on the way back, about five minutes after I left the car park, my car started smoking heavily inside - obviously this is not what a car should do! So after a bit of a frantic moment trying to find somewhere safe to pull over we found ourselves waiting an hour and a half for an AA man to arrive. What would we do without the AA? After a bit of jiggering about, he sort-of fixed my car (in the pouring rain and hail, what a saint) but it would need proper sorting out at a garage sooner rather than later. Ironically, I was super excited whilst I was driving before the mini-drama because my car had hit 60,000 miles! What a celebration from my little charmer of a car.

I got it up to a garage on Tuesday and got it back today, a hefty amount of money later. Ouch! Still, it's all healthy and working (and driving and not smoking, most importantly) which despite the hole in my pocket, counts more than anything. I took it for another spin to Bromley today, not just to show it where it sadly died just a few days before, but my meet with my bezzie Jamie for a spot of lunch a chatter-natter.

We ate lunch in Joe's Kitchen, which only adds fuel to my Pink Lemonade fire. I ordered a club sandwich which was so thick I couldn't actually open my mouth wide enough to eat it properly, so think of it more like a deconstructed club sanger. The menu for Joe's Kitchen actually had me drooling and I already know what I'm going to order next time (*cough*frenchtoastwithbacon*cough*) so I'm pretty sure I'll be back there soon.

The rest of our day went like this: coffee (caffeinated, eek), free handouts from Krispy Kremes and Auntie Anne's, more coffee, getting addicted to crack-of-a-game The Logo Quiz and trying for answers like our lives depended on them (I blame the caffeine), lots and lots of mooching and laughs and general nuttiness that you can only have with your greatest mate.

On the drive home, I stopped off at Sainsbury's which happened to be on the way and I never get to go there. Let's just say I'll be going there for all my snacks in future. I picked up these awesome flavoured almonds and some droolworthy coconut-chocolate spread, NOM. Can't wait to give that a go!

I haven't been clothes shopping for SO LONG, so I bought some bits on Friday whilst out with my Mum (I think this is the very reason my car broke down). I couldn't help it, honest! It's been an age and a day since I've set foot in a Primark so my eyes were like saucers in there; I picked up this apple top and the navy polka dot top. Then in Vero Moda, I snatched up this green beauty with white hearts plastered all over it. It's nice to have some more colourful t-shirts in my collection, finally.

And lest we forget my new jeans! Or better known as, The Green Jeans of Dreams. I've been searching high and low for the perfect fit and shade of green jeans for, literally, about four years now and lo-and-behold, I found them on the rails of Next, just screaming, "Come get me!" How could I resist? They fit so well and I love wearing them.

I also indulged in a couple more Models Own nail varnishes, which are definitely my favourite brand of them all. The coverage and consistency is so even and there is such a vast array of colours, I often have no idea where to begin in even deciding. Woman problems! I think this shade of green (it's true, I'm mental about green) pretty much quashes my perfect-green-nail-varnish desires though, and I really love this poppy shade of blue from the Hedkandi range. Wow, I feel like I'm finally 'in trend' with something. How odd!

So! If you've got this far, I applaud you mahoosively. You've certainly got a lot of stamina! And now, for my parting words, I wanted to note down in some way my big news of the week but I didn't want to do a post about it as there's not a lot to really say on the matter, and I hate to scream something so loudly from the rooftops but I want to remember feeling this elated. And I want the world to know too! So, without further ado, my big scoop of the week is...
I'm going to be a store manager!
More importantly, the manager of MY store!

I'm literally over the moon and absolutely stoked and don't even know where to begin, even though it's a role I know inside out through lots of training and practice, but tomorrow my current manager leaves for pastures new and I will be stepping into her shoes. I feel like this is the biggest work-related thing I've ever done and ever been allowed to do and I can't count my stars enough for this opportunity that I've earned. Months and months of tough work has gone into making this happen and I can't wait - really cannot wait - to get underway with this new chapter in my working life. Not bad for an East London working class girl with a handful of GCSEs!

Hope you enjoyed this everythingallatonce post. ♥

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