Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Project 365. That's the photography project where you take a photo a day, every day for an entire year. All in all, it's a lovely way to document a year and gives you a fantastic chance to look back on twelve months and remember every day, even the little things. I'm doing it this year, and yes; there's 366 days this year. Cripes.

You see, I've been giving 365 projects a go for as long as I can remember. Never quite giving them a run for their money though. My two most prolific attempts stalled at 117 days and 45 days, with my lesser known dabbles completely written off and quickly forgotten about altogether. I'm sure that this year is different though; like I'm actually going to see it through. I am 94 days in after all. Go me! Although in all honesty, I am easily bored and have already grown tired of the subjects I end up photographing: mostly foody things and clothes. Yawn? I feel like I need a good few photo ideas thrown my way to pep up my project to make it seem like it's heading a positive way, before I look back on a year's worth of pictures on New Year's Eve and think, "Oh Christ, is that all I did? Eat?!"
(Well, that is what I do.)

Are you currently doing or have you previously done a 365 project? Feel free to throw a few good tips and ideas my way - and definitely don't hold back on checking out my progress so far if you so dare.

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