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Sunday, 26 February 2012

It's been a while since I posted daily outfit photos, or any sort of outfit photos really, but I'm currently getting into the habit of Liberating My Wardrobe (© lovely Laura, heheh) to stave off major shopping cravings. Don't get me wrong, a cardigan here & a bracelet there (& maybe a pair of shoes once in a blue moon) is nothing to be embarrassed about, but let's face it: I have - & don't we all, really - a fit-to-bursting wardrobe full of wonderful things just waiting to see the light. Now's my time to give it all a bit of an airing & a wearing.

top: urban outfitters / tunic: river island / necklace: dorothy perkins / boots: new look

This is a classic "lazy-day" outfit for me; a nice, easy tunic that I can pull over a long sleeve top & comfy boots, jazzed up a little bit with a perfect-green necklace. I'd really like to point out that most of the things I wear, I've actually had for years & years. Nothing like old comforts!

cardigan: new look / t-shirt: h&m / skirt: a shop in croatia / scarf: primark / bag: charity shop / boots: new look

I love these New Look boots. I bought them about a year ago in the sale for no more than £6, yet stowed them away (& I must admit, forgot about them a little bit) until literally earlier this month. All of a sudden, they were back in my mind & I've been wearing them almost non-stop since. This scarf is another one at the years-&-years-old party, a firm favourite I hasten to add. Plus I'm adoring my newest cardigan, in a lovely bright blue.

hoodie: h&m / top: primark / skirt: a shop in croatia / hat: primark / scarf: primark / boots: new look

Unashamedly, I am a hoodie fiend - don't even make me start counting how many I have! Not that I care too much but I'm betting that there can be certain stigmas attached to them. To me, hoodies are practical - & warm! Plus a handy way of toughening up otherwise girlie looks when I need to go to less girlie places... like my hometown in East London. Or to mountain biking events & races, like I was at today. To say I love this skirt is an understatement. I bought it from a shop in Dubrovnik, Croatia when I was on holiday there in 2008 when I wore black jeans (?!who DOES this?!) on a 30c day in June. Il stupido! This was the first airy, cool thing I could find for the least amount of beans & I've loved it ever since. It goes with EVERYTHING.

I'm certainly looking forward to getting back to documenting my wears with a little bit of wardrobe liberation! It's nice to be back blogging about something I've missed & am so familiar with.

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