Chocolate chip cookies

Friday, 3 February 2012

The holiday comedown is a pretty depressing experience. We shall call it, The Holiday Hangover. For the day after our arrival home from any major trip, I might as well be moping in my PJs & blanket with daytime TV on & living off a pot of tea - if I'm not already! There is a distinct struggle to get back into the monotony of Real Life - especially when it comes to losing all the filthy holiday habits. I'm talking about all the lovely lay-ins, the ability to come & go as you please, and (a big and) feasting on restaurant-or-café meals at every opportunity. I didn't mean for it to become a tradition, but coming back from the last few holidays, I've always found myself in the kitchen on that dreaded day-after. Mostly baking my little heart out, but sometimes preparing the odd healthy-ish evening meal in advance to keep my mind from wandering back to that fantastic Zizzi's (& believe me, it was fantastic).

When we were on the train up to Edinburgh on Tuesday, I had the best cookie in the world. Giant, vanilla-based with chocolate chips, crunchy in all the right places & gooey in the rest. It was like I had died & gone to cookie heaven, & I vowed to replicate it as soon as I could. This is more of a task than you would imagine - I tend to get major paranoia when baking, especially if things are looking on the pale side. I only figured out for myself recently that things keep baking once you take them out of the oven & it's okay if they resemble air when you tentatively prod your finger into them (like I do, ahem). Most of my previous cookies have resembled frisbees in every sense & I am probably the only person to make Snickerdoodles both crunchy & crispy. F-A-I-L.

Today, I told myself two important things: stop worrying, & follow the recipe to the very letter. It just so happens that I was following a recipe that Helen had posted years ago, so I knew that everything would be absolutely fine. I'd love to post the recipe here for you to try, but you may as well check it out on Helen's blog. As I said, I followed it to the word. & stopped worrying.

The result? Utter deliciousness. I am pretty proud that something so kick-ass has managed to come out of my mixing bowl & they are literally like the cookies I ate on the train - gooey & soft in the middle, a little crunchy on the outside, & gorgeously chocolatey. What more could you ask for? (A mug of milk to dunk them in while I flick through my Edinburgh photos, of course.)

& these bad boys are the thai turkey burgers I have pre-prepared for tea tomorrow night, in a lazy Saturday I've-just-got-home-from-work-&-can't-be-arsed-to-cook love affair. Bring it on. I pretty much threw all the ingredients in a bowl & hoped for the best so if they're yummy, standby for a recipe!

Do you suffer from baking paranoia at all?

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